5 Ways to Wear A Head Scarf

The Top Knot!

Tie your scarf around your head with a statement knot or bow!


Tie a square scarf over your hair for that coveted 90’s girl flair everyone wants this summer!
Check out this video tutorial (starting from 3:30min in) for some comprehensive tutorials on achieving the over-the-hair look!

Tie Around Your Ponytail or Bun

Let a skinny scarf be an accent in your hair when tied around a ponytail or bun!

The Vintage Babushka

The glamorous look popularized on Tiktok – Great for sundresses and flouncy summer blouses!
Fold a square scarf into a triangular half and tie it forward under your chin.


Tie a scarf around the forehead from front to back for a rocker-chic look!

Head and Hair Scarves

Dreamiest Scarf Pony
Hannah Hair Scarf
Madewell Washed Bandana
Easy Tiger Headscarf
Madewell Bandana (Variety Colors)
Dolce & Gabbana floral-print silk scarf
Lotus Paisley Print Bandana
Chanel checked floral-logo scarf
Kimono Hair Scarf
Miley Triangle Scarf
Black Hood Headscarf
In The Cards Silk Scarf
Hermes Silk Print Scarf
Silk Print Scarf
Gigi Head Scarf
Quilted Head Scarf
Gucci Print Scarf
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