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I need a suit.  I hear it all the time.  The challenge being unless you are in finance or law you probably do not wear a suit very often.  Maybe for an event or occasional business meeting?  So why spend a gazillion dollars on a suit that you wear infrequently?  Why not sport a sharp fashionable suit at a reasonable cost?  The way to do it is buy online.  There are so many online men’s suit sites that offer trend right silhouettes, quality fabrics and tailoring at affordable prices.  Some sites do custom, some do bespoke and some are off the rack.  Below I’ve mapped out the lifestyle possibilities of suits and included some of my fave sites but let’s first review what you should know when purchasing an suit.

1.  Know why you are buying a suit and make sure it appropriate for the occasion.
2.  Know your size- its all about measuring.  See how.  Important to define if you are a short, regular or long.  Take your time and do your homework.
3.  How many buttons; 3, 2 or 1 ?  Its a preference.  I like 2.
4.  What type of back vents?  Single or double? Double is more fashionable. Single is more conservative.
5.  Lapel- Knotched or peaked?
6.  Fabric-  Fine wools work for 3/4 of the year.  There are some fabulous synthetic fabrics that offer a more slick modern look or cottons/linens are perf for the hot months.
7.  Color-  A dark grey or navy suit works for most occasions.  Save black for events or funerals.  Its not meant for the office unless you work in a creative field and can make it edgy or casual.  Light colors are good for day events or summer months.
8.  Quality-  It comes at a price but the sites I mention below offer very nice quality for the cost.
9.  Alterations-  Whether you have it made custom or buy off the rack you may need a bit of tailoring.  Take the time and finish the process with impeccable fit.

Rock That Suit C A S U A L…
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Well hello, Justin Theroux!  Love how he is sporting the suit with a layered sweatshirt and rough accessories.  This look is not for everyone but its much easier to wear then you think.  Perfect for the entrepreneur or laid back music event.  Try J.Crew’s Ludlow suit in Japanese Chambray with a tee and tennis sneaks.

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A double breasted 3-piece is not for everyone’s career but David Gandy is looking way sharp and totally ready for the office.  Notice the brown lace ups.  I always prefer brown accessories when wearing blues or grays.  Black shoes look heavy and are best saved for black suits.  I love Suit Supply for career suitings.  The instructional videos are a trip!!!
The Fashion Suit…Mad Pattern
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A category that is not for every man but how fun are these bold patterns.  If you are not up for a pink window pane you could go with a simple navy and white window pane.  The pattern is graphic and bold yet still sophisticated and business appropriate.  Try Black Lapel.

Night Out

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 You do not need a tux but you want to look sharp for evening.  A Suit That Fits is a British company that offers impeccable custom tailoring and beautiful fabrics with suits starting at $495.  They also have an NYC design studio if you feel you need some one on one attention.  Map out your social schedule and get ordering.
The Paps Are Out…Don’t let them down
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The tuxedo.  In LA you will wear one way more then you ever thought possible.  A well fitting tux speaks loud and clear and the occasion in which you are wearing a tux is when you need to put your best foot forward.  A rented ill-fitting tux just screams schlumpy and I don’t care.  Poor career move.  Put the time in and do the event right.  Indochino does custom suiting in 4 weeks.  What could be more perfect then a custom tux at $650.  Love it in the midnight blue.
Last but not least, shirtings, shoes, ties, pocket squares and accessories are equally as important to the suit.  I’ll cover those categories in another post.  Until then, get measuring and start ordering the perfect suit or 2 to compliment your modern (or on its way to be) wardrobe.
Happy Friday!
M x
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