The Culotte vs. the 7/8 Pant vs. the 3/4 Short: How to Wear It & Wear It Well

TOME Cotton Culotte
Culottes, 7/8 Pant or the 3/4 Short…  Whatever you want to call them, they are the hot bottom silhouette for the season.  They are marked by the voluminous skirt-like leg and sit hit higher on the waist.  Heels are the easiest shoe to pair (blocky heel is of the moment) as they compliment the calf and ankle.  For those who want to camouflage below the hemline, tall heeled boots are best!  As a contrary to the skinny jean,  the culotte beautifully masks the thigh, hip and bottom region.  Yippee!!!  A breath of fresh air for all that are tired of squeezing into skinny’s.
Peruse the looks below and sharpen up on how to wear this new silhouette!
Broadcloth Gallery Pant

Super casual.  An alternative to the jogger.

No. 21 3/4 Length Short
Weekend afternoon: Go casual, layered & comfy.  A change up from skinny’s.
Proenze Schouler Cropped Stretch Wool Wide Leg Pants
Office ready!
Rosie Assoulin White Silk Twill Rave Pants
Monochromatic and perfect for desk to dinner.

Rochas Casual Pant
The new black pant and so forgiving!
Paul & Joe Phuket Leather Culotte
Love them in leather!  Perfect for office or evening.
TOME Cropped Wide Leg Taffeta Pant
Why do a cocktail dress when you can do 7/8 pants?
This silhouette has been around the block before.  If you dare to dig up a pair from the past,  then make sure to style them with of-the-moment tops, shoes and accessories.  
Happy Weekend!
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