Camelflage! Avoiding the Dreaded Camel Toe

Wear your summer swimwear, shorts and leggings in comfort and style with these tips on how to keep your pieces crotch-cleavage free! CHECK THE SIZE! Try sizing up! Your bottoms might be too tight.Avoid swimsuit and workout sets and opt for separates in case you need different sizes on top and bottom.If the extra room from sizing up creates too much space in other places, consider buying the larger size…

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Bra & Lingerie 101: Up-and-Coming Companies Worth Checking Out

When we’re building our wardrobes to be the best they can be, we often forget about the most basic pieces of all – our underwear. Even though underwear is the literal foundation of every outfit a woman wears, these are the most common pieces to be worn far past their need of replacement.Check out our guide on building your underwear wardobe, as well as our list of up-and-coming bra and…

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