How To Pack For Spring Travel to NYC

We’ve all been there. The night before a big trip, an overflowing suitcase and zero ideas on how to somehow shrink your belongings (no, this is not an option) to fit them all inside.  Since I’m faced with such decisions on a daily basis, Miss O (my fabulous assistant) and I thought to document a few of my outfits while packing for my most recent trip to NYC annddd send a few tips your way while we’re at it:


The Packing Dilemma

  1. Start out by choosing a few key pieces you love.  Assemble ensembles according to what plans lie ahead – whether they are back-to-back client meetings and city life galore or…party soirees and the whitest sand around.
  2. Strategize to use mix-and-match separates.  This comes in handy with a carry-on budget and provides quick outfit solutions in case of unexpected weather changes or the running-ten-minutes-late coffee down the front of your top.
  3. With your saved packing space, make sure to include an extra stack of tees, tanks (neutrals, please!), a pair of leggings and your perfectly worn in, goes-with-everything sweater.
  4. Photograph the outfits and store photos (iPad for me, smart phones work too!) to keep them fresh in your mind and at your fingertips.  Don’t forget close-ups of accessories and shoes!
Here’s a peek into my  Spring 2012 NYC wardrobe…

Dressing from Day to Night

Business trips for me (this past one included!) are usually cram-packed full of client appointments and showroom visits starting ’round 8am.  This leaves juuust enough time for just a mad dash to make dinner with friends and viewing as much of NYC’s illustrious art scene as possible.  Meaning: no time for mid-day wardrobe changes. How to deal?  Flats by day and heels by night.  An added chunky necklace, a bit of cheek and eye (smoky eye, that is) seals the deal and you’re confidently off into the night, stylish as can be.

To see more NYC style and fashion tips galore, join me on Facebook and of course, Pinterest (who wouldn’t want to storyboard all day?).  Last-minute vaca planned and nothing to wear?  Check out The Travel Story.

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