Rent, Wear, Buy: The How To’s of Clothing & Accessory Rentals for Ladies & Gents

The hot topic of the tech world is to share. We share our houses (Airbnb), our cars (Uber, Lyft) and we share our clothes and accessories!  From red carpet gowns, to leather jackets, designer bags and shoes to statement jewels.  By renting you can obtain items you need or want at a fraction of the cost and without the commitment.

Renting clothes and accessories is not a new story but recently there have been some fresh additions of  renting menswearmaternity, curvy and curating monthly membership programs.  Check out these sites below and learn how to stretch your dollar and expand your wardrobe with minimum cost and
  maximum style.

Chloe Baylee Medium Shoulder Bag Rent for $175 a month

Bag, Borrow or Steal is the notorious rental site that was featured on Sex and the City years ago.  The newness is that you can rent luxury accessories, buy new or pre-owned pieces OR sell your gently worn luxury goods.  They have an awesome selection of designers, styles and price points.  You pay monthly for your rental which you can return after the first month or keep longer at the monthly rate.  Perfect for when you need that unique piece that is out of your price range to purchase but you covet for a specific occasion or outfit.
Rent the Runway Unlimited
‘The thrill of something new everyday’

Rent the Runway has been on fire for the past few years.  They started as an event dress rental site.  Then they expanded to have brick and mortar shops in NYC making the process easier to get your fit and styling right in a super tight time situation.  I need a red carpet dress in 3 hours!!!!  Most recently RtR added Unlimited.  For a monthly fee you can que-up a wish list of clothing and accessories, then three pieces at a time arrive at your door.  As you return each piece, another is sent.  A great way to add a bit of oomph to your wardrobe, try out new designers or break out of your shell and try new silhouettes with low commitment. offeres the curvy gal sizing 10-32 the option to choose clothing for monthly rental.  I love the Shape Report which directs shoppers to styles and silhouettes that flatter different body types.  The site is very well curated with sophisticated, of-the-moment pieces that will enhance any gals closet.  Love the dress selection!!!
Mr. Collection
Love, love Mr. Collection!  A monthly rent or rent-to-buy website that curates deliveries broken down by casual, career or fashion driven.  You choose your subscription and receive 5-10 items of coordinated clothing and accessories.  Keep for a month, return for new ideas or buy at a discount of 40% off.  A clever way for gents to get exposed to new labels, styles and outfit combinations.  The best part is they have gift cards!  So ladies, look no further when you need a unique gift for the man in your life.  Even more perfect when paired with my styling services!!!
Mine for Nine
Lastly, Mine for Nine, is a curated maternity rental site.  Rent items for a monthly fee, keep for one month or 3, pay the same monthly rate.  Ideal for the expecting mother who needs variety in her maternity wardrobe without committing to the cost of buying one.  Also great for those last few months when your bump grows quickly and your closet needs to keep up.  Better yet, invited to an event and 8 months pregnant?  Why buy a maternity dress when you can rent one.  Genius!
Take the opportunity to check out these sites and dive into the world of sharing.  Beyond that its budget conscious and eco friendly, it opens your closet doors to a world of new ideas. 
Happy Weekend!
M x
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