Cheers to A New Year! A Letter from Meg Gallagher

Dear Friends,

In reflecting over this past year, we think about how much our lives have changed – how adaptable and resilient we have been in learning to re-live our lives remotely.  We think about the incredible effort everyone has made to sustain, grow and pivot their businesses or jobs, learn school remotely and socialize at a distance. 

We so appreciate everyone who have reached out and supported us through 2020. It has been a time of creatively changing so that we can support our clients in a safe and healthy environment. We’ve refined and strengthened our virtual styling process and have adapted new hybrid styling services to meet the needs of our clients!

We are proud of our consistent efforts to creatively inspire our Madison to Melrose readership with how-to-wear, online/in-store shopping and remote socializing ideas that speak to the ever-changing circumstances of our day-to-day. Our mainstay has been to educate and encourage everyone to make themselves a priority and to not give up on their wardrobes – BUT to also take a different view on how and WHY we dress everyday.

Leading up to the New Year feels like a time to be reflective on what is most important; our health, our happiness and our loved ones.  Take time for yourselves.  Revel in puzzles, books, long walks and time with friends and family! Lets let 2020 quietly slip away and be ready, nourished and energized for the exciting future of 2021.

Cheers to a happier healthier and much more stylish (and much less sweatpants) New Year!

Warmest thoughts,

Meg, Keli & Meredith

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