MAN IN COLOR, Men’s Low-Effort Guide to Incorporating Spring Hues

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Spring is here, and so is COLOR! As the weather heats up – it’s only natural to want to deviate towards brighter hues. But if you’ve been stuck on blacks and neutrals all winter, how do you incorporate those “riskier” shades without a complete wardrobe overhaul? We’re going to show you 3 ideas on incorporating color into your wardrobe in the most minimalist, non-eccentric, I-didn’t-try-too-hard kindof way. No knowledge of color theory necessary!!!

Hoodies & Windbreakers, the Zero-Effort Win

Let’s face it – Color can be intimidating. Think of colorful pants, for example: It can take a lot of effort to make them work, since they draw attention away from your face and onto your whole outfit. But you know what DOESN’T take much effort? A colorful lightweight hoodie or a windbreaker. The fabrics are casual (therefore low-pressure) and draws attention upwards. You pair that baby with any of your usual jeans, neutral pants or sweats and ooh-la-la, that guy has COLOR!

Yellow & Red Tie-Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt
Men’s Mountain Classic Anorak, Multi-Color
Cherry Skull Embroidered Tie-Dye Hoodie Sweatshirt
Beams Plus Green Pigment-Dye Hoodie
Columbia Colorblock Windbreaker
adidas Abstract Hoodie Sweatshirt

The Wild Accent You Didn’t Know You Could Pull Off

Ever think neon is way too much? Wrong! Just about anything can work in moderation. You can take all the risk out of color: The key is putting that little pop of fun somewhere subtle. A colored sock, cap or beanie goes a LONG way with your outfit. Just wear those comfortable neutrals and let your accessory do the rest.

UNIQLO Men’s Colored Socks
Tie-Dyed Tube Socks
ICON Men’s Neon Socks
Mongous Mens Cotton Patch Brimless Skullcap
UO Neon Watch Cap Beanie
Unstructured Dad Hat (Multiple Colors Available)

Easy-Pair Shoes with Accented Hues

All-color shoes can seem like a bit much, which is why accented shoes are your secret weapon! These are the shoes that are easiest to pair back to your wardrobe with whites, blacks and neutrals. Bright stripes of color on the canvas of a white, neutral or black shoe can suggest more than is actually there – leaving just enough color to feel new, and not enough to not overdo it or have trouble incorporating with your existing outfits.

Adidas Black NMD Sneaker
NIKE Air Ghost Racer
Rope Lace Supply Colored Shoe Laces (Multiple Colors)
NIKE Air Max 90 SE
NIKE Air Force One Sneakers
Brave Blue Reebok Legacy
Kadomatsu Plum and Crepe Sneaker
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