Here’s How the Fashion Industry Is Helping With COVID-19

how to make face masks

With face masks in short supply, the fashion industry is rushing to meet the demand for medical facilities and the public alike. Companies are transforming their factories toward the production of reusable cotton face masks, as well as creating all new initiatives designed to get supplies to those who need it most. We’re excited to share a compilation of some of the brightest efforts available – with donation programs, offers of free face masks with clothing purchase, sewing tutorials and more!

It is important to note that non-medical grade masks are reportedly most effective for protecting others from yourself, and are not recommended for preventing infection. Reusable cotton masks are most effective against catching & spreading the virus when paired with a face shield – which we have also included how to make and where to buy!

As instructed on, here is the ideal way to utilize a reusable mask:

  • Insert a filter: Insert a disposable filter cut from accessible materials into the inner pocket of the mask: Look for HEPA grade filters found in air purifiers or air-conditioning units. Vacuum cleaner bags are also very effective, and even disposable paper materials such as coffee filters can be used with varying levels of effectiveness.
  • Ensure proper fit: To reduce alternative airflow and ensure air flows through the mask and filter, it is recommended to use double-sided tape to secure the mask on the nose and cheeks.
  • Dispose of filter & reuse mask: After use, the filter should be disposed and the mask should be washed at high temperature in a washing machine. 

Face Masks & Face Shields For Purchase:

pattern colorful printed face mask

Sanctuary Clothing is offering a 5-Pack “Lifestyle Fashion Mask”. Designed in hopes to offer both protection and confidence, these masks include an assortment of Sanctuary’s cheeky signature prints. Each purchase also helps provide masks to organizations in need.

face masks made in california

Hedley & Bennett is offering a buy one, donate one Wake-Up-And-Fight mask made right here in California. They are accepting donations and bulk purchases.

instagram face masks

Alice and Olivia are offering a price-friendly buy one, donate one mask with their Instagram worthy signature logo print!

instagram reusable pattern face mask

Christy Dawn has a buy 5, Donate 5 100% doubled deadstock cotton mask with behind-the-ear elastic. They are reusable and washable, with unique prints & colors! Also offering a complimentary face mask with orders over $150.

anti virus face mask for sale

BUCK MASON is offering a 5-pack of Anti-Microbial Prevention Face Masks. The inner layer is treated with an anti-microbial coating that will last up to 30 wash cycles. You can have it shipped to you, donated, or purchase in bulk.

instagram face mask

Helmstedt is offering a safety mask from quality silk-cotton deadstock used in their SS20 Collection. The profit from the sales of safety masks will be donated to WHO’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

face mask with ties pattern

COLLINA STRADA offers a free face mask + one donated face mask with each purchase on their website, and also offer a tutorial on how to make your own. Indulge in their creative loungewear for the immediate weeks to come, or purchase a dreamy one-of-a-kind slip dress for future fun.

face mask shield
anti virus face shield

AMAZON has anti-splash face shields available for purchase, which are recommended to wear in conjunction with a face mask for more effective protection.

Make-Your-Own Face Mask & Shield Tutorials

For an immediate solution to the mask shortage, here are some tutorials on face masks you can make at home.

easy sew face masks to make at home

USAToday provides an easy sew face mask tutorial that utilizes basic materials and does not require a sewing machine.

easy sew face masks to make at home

JOANN Fabric’s Make a Mask Program
JOANN Fabric provides an entire guide on CDC Recommendations for cloth masks, suggested material and supply lists, printable mask patterns, and information on their Creator’s Studio – which is offering free tools/supplies/guidance for making supplies to donate to America’s hospitals.

instagram face mask

Instagram No-Sew Face Mask
This mask tutorial requires no sewing at all and is great to make in a pinch!

DIY make your own shield mask

Make Your Own Shield Mask
A simple DIY shield mask using a plastic folder and other common household items.

DIY make your own shield mask

Make Your Own Shield Mask
A simple DIY shield mask using a soda bottle and other common household items.

DIY Sewing 101

Here are some supplies you might need for making your own masks or face shields.

elastic fabric for face masks

Knit Elastic
This elastic is available at $1.99 in black or white.

fabric for face masks

What is interfacing?
Check out JOANN Fabric’s detailed buyer’s guide here.

fabric for face masks

Check out JOANN Fabric’s selection of materials, which can be shipped or set for curbside pickup.

face mask sewing materials

Fabric Scissors
Give smooth cuts to your fabrics with the Gingher Serrated Edge/Knife Edge Shears. These shears can cut through multiple layers of fabric quickly and easily.

sewing machine for face masks

Janome® 49018 Computerized Sewing Machine
A great comupterized machine for the beginner or basic sewist. On sale and ships directly to you!

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