Flare vs. Flounce- The Newest in Skirt and Dress Silhouettes

Volume and movement are a huge trend for the upcoming 2013/14 fall, winter and resort collections.  Designers have articulated these trends in skirts and dresses by using exaggerated flared and flounced silhouettes.  For many, its hard to discern the difference between flare and flounce so I thought I would show some key looks from the runways.  The good news is that the silhouettes go from thigh-baring mini styles to the ‘midi’ (over the knee- mid calf) skirt lengths.  These are then wearable for EVERY body shape and height.  From a styling perspective, the flare and flounce offer many top options, from tucking in a shirting to wearing the very now 
‘statement tee’ in a straight, slightly boxy shape. 

flare  (flâr)

v. flaredflar·ingflares

1. To expand or open outward in shape: a skirt that flares from the waist;

(So Tommy thought I should further explain… flare is a trumpet shape; the flare below extends from the waist.  On second and third picture, the flare extends from the hip point but there is no seam.)
Photo Courtesy of Modaoperandi.com

Céline Style.com
Vika Gazinskaya  Modaoperandi.com
flounce 1  (flouns)


A strip of decorative, usually gathered or pleated material attached by one edge, as on a garment or curtain.
tr.v. flouncedflounc·ingflounc·es

To trim with a strip or strips of gathered or pleated material.

(in other words…Flounce is a ruffle or gathering fabric that is attached at a seam– 
the 3 skirts below have hip-line seams that the flounce was sewn into.)

Thakoon Modaoperandi.com
Peter Pilotto Modaoperandi.com

MSGM  Modaoperandi.com
What I like most about the flounce and flare silhouettes are that they add a bit of kick and sass to your outfit.  A little jaunt to your step and a break from the pencil shape.  Many might feel that these looks are not in one’s budget, but soon they will see these shapes at the contemporary (ex. Rebecca Taylor) and mass market (ex. H&M) levels making it affordable for every budget.  Search out these trends on your next shopping trip and add a bit of flounce, flare and fun to your wardrobe!


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