Fashion Illustration: So Many Perspectives

Untitled # 8 from ‘Dance’ Series by Cathy Daley
So it started with Tommy showing me this artist’s work on Tumblr, then he sent me the link and it got me thinking….
Why not share some fashion illustration on the blog???  As a fashion design major in college, I took classes in illustration.  ALWAYS loved it although found it far from easy.  A few simple brush strokes or lines of a pen do not necessarily create the pieces I am showing in this post.
Cathy Daley, a Canadian artist, works with black oil pastels on vellum.  Her whimsical gestures are free flowing yet totally modern.  I adore the minimalism.
Untitled by Cathy Daley
Such movement created with simple loops of the hand- total confidence.
Interpretation od Dior Haute Couture by Mats Gustafson
I love this watercolor bleed technique.  So perfectly placed, so thoughtful in feeling.  Watercolor is such a difficult medium to control yet Swedish artist, Mats Gustafson, does it with such elegance and vision. 
Interpretation of Dior Haute Couture by Mats Gustafson
More of Mats Gustafson.  He captures the pose of the shoulders and neck with such a minimal amount of color.
Biba Girls 2010 by Bobby Hillson
Bobby is an illustrator whose career dates back to the 60’s who inked pieces for many of the famous publications; Vogue, Conde Nast  etc.
She then later in her career returned to the infamous Central Saint Martin’s school in London to start the MA Fashion course.  Alexander McQueen, Stephen Jones and Rifat Ozbeck were all students who would come under her tutelage.
Another example but totally different technique of confidence of line.
Evolution of Lula 13 2013
 Gary Card who is a set designer, illustrator and all around creative talent created this mix media piece using Quink ink, gouache and colored pencil on paper.
His use of color and texture layers fantasy and modernity.  
Little Black Dress #2 by Miyuki Ohashi
A few gestural strokes and very controlled bits of color.  Beautiful.
Her site is in Japanese so I can not give much detail about the artist but check her out on Tumblr.  Great eye!
My whole education and career has been devoted to fashion.  For me, illustration represents such a feeling of freedom and fantasy from the everyday world.  I feel inspired to pick up my sketchbook.  Why not you too? 
Happy 4th and happy long weekend!!!!
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