Evening Wear: Galvan & Maximilian Mogg

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Just in time for the Emmys, we’ve handpicked two emerging designers that bring modern glamour to evening wear for red carpet and special events alike.

London-based brand Galvan brings metallics and shine to life in effortlessly elegant designs that withstand trend and time. Their pieces support a wide range of age and figure, offering various cuts that lean anywhere from modest to youthful. We love the balance of sleek simplicity with bold materials that make each piece of Galvan’s collection speak to luxury.

Maximilian Mogg stands for the highest degree of craftsmanship and fit that made-to-measure allows. The Berlin-based brand uses traditional methods and tailoring techniques to ensure each piece lasts a lifetime. In addition to M.M.’s flagship handmade made-to-measure suits and coats, they also offer handmade made-to-measure shirts and high-end accessories. Recognizing excellence, Mr. Porter has picked up Maximilian Mogg in effort to bring Berlin’s finest to a worldwide audience.

Need red carpet or event styling? Contact Meg or check out her styling services here.

View our Favorite Pieces Below

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