A Look Inside… SXSW!

It was my first time attending SXSW (second time in Austin!) and amongst the excitement to experience that which is the matrix to the city of live music, I was thrilled that the fab Meg Gallagher asked me to guest blog on my experience.  Here’s the best of it…
The amaaaaazing display of mountains while flying over Denver.
FRANK is the essential first stop for the perfect Austin visit.  Tip: order the spiked vanilla latte.  It’s not on the menu, but their skilled bartenders can whip just about anything up.  Oh, and the cheese waffle fries with a side of sriracha aioli are to die for.  Seriously.
IMG_3783 IMG_3772
Ever had a deep-fried avocado taco?  Just think of the BEST taco you’ve ever had
and multiply that times ten.  Pretty cool red photo wall too.  Torchy’s Tacos, I ♥ you.

Day drinking with a side of music?  Yes. Please.  Papa were particularly buzzworthy 
not to mention I almost ran off with this perfectly-matched guitar.

The coolest party house in Austin.  Good luck finding a room, though.  XOXO, Jordan!

IMG_4136 IMG_4141

HomeSlice: the tastiest (and most hip by far) pizza pie joint in town.  Not to mention, it’s literally across the street from Uncommon Objects, an Austin staple for those little somethings you may… or may not need.

With a view like this, who minds a mile or…five on foot?
  The ‘dirty 6’ as referred to by many a Austin local.  Something to do with the mile-long 6th street being reminiscent of the Vegas strip.  Confirmed, in the best way possible.

Zambri rocked my socks in the BuzzMedia PureVolume pop-up house 
and the sashaying on stage didn’t hurt either.
Texas style?  A conglomerate of creativity and vintage appreciation 
mixed with enough know-how to survive the true-to-only-Texas humidity.
(Top left) Meegan, Deva & Mary Beth at the Style X Trade Show.  
(Bottom left) Stephanie & Alex representing the super cute pop-up shop, Gypsy Market Vintage, across the street from the Virgin Mobile Live House.  
What an incredible city!  A place with some of the best energy I’ve ever experienced, musical talent to take over the world and hometown hospitality to keep you wondering if you should just give up your life elsewhere and throwdown on all the goodness happening here.  Of course, I’ll leave the final decision up to you.  
Special thanks to darlings, Meg & Olivia!
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