Your At Home Workout Re-inspired

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While going outside hasn’t been an option lately, we’ve been fighting for ways to not lose stride away from the gym, beaches and our beloved hiking trails. Let’s face it – At times like this, the effort for motivation is especially strenuous. Just how are you supposed to persuade yourself to get off the couch when life already feels so off track? For some, it’s a little psychological push from…

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Why Nili Lotan is the Perfect Brand for Right Now

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Nili Lotan is a master of spinning timeless pieces into a brand-wide image of chic simplicity. With an impressive roster of diverse cuts, this self-made brand is in no surprise designed with every woman in mind. In our stay-at-home lifestyle, we want clothes that speak first and foremost to comfort! That’s why these pieces feel so right. We love Nili’s designs for their longevity and effortless ability to encompass a wide…

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Remote Entertaining: Part 2

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We’ve returned with part 2 on Remote Entertaining! Here’s three great hosting ideas for weekend fun with friends and family alike – all from the comfort and safety of home. Happy Weekending! Start a Book Club Discover the joys of the literary world by starting a virtual Book Club with your friends. We love how Book Club can provide structure for unique and stimulating conversation that’s as rewarding as it…

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Remote Entertaining: Part 1

The weekend is HERE! But how do you decompress and have some fun when a change of scenery isn’t possible? For many of us, being confined to one space can lead to the days blending together – causing us to rely on uninspired habits and schedules to get through each week. We’ve compiled some weekend activity ideas that will allow you to intentionally spend time with your loved ones while…

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Why Kimonos Are the Perfect Piece For Your Indoor Wardrobe

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Change up your at-home routine with our favorite feel-good addition to a spring wardrobe: the kimono! In a time where many of us are confined to an indoor wardrobe, this piece can add an element of artistic prowess and sensuality to otherwise simplistic loungewear. Here are three inventive ways to wear kimonos for undemanding flair in your everyday outfits! Changing Up the Classic Denim + Tee Wear your kimono casual-style…

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